Why does the ISOVIN rack system look so different to other wine racks?

“You’ve eliminated the tyranny of the vertical” claimed a Tasmanian furniture designer.

Certainly, most standard wine racks have a strong columnar look that can appear as being “too busy”. The trihexangonal lattice pattern has a high degree of rotational symmetry, but with a complexity that doesn’t appear too overwhelming. Studies of visual psychology show that people have a preference for geometries that have a certain degree of simplicity and symmetry, but with enough complexity to make them interesting. It certainly is an added bonus each time I open the door to my cellar.

The result is a range of distinctive products that utilise the same basic geometric pattern. The all-timber rack is best suited for a cellar environment, whereas the smaller all-metal and wood-steel combination rack models are at home in the kitchen. Uses beyond the storage of wine bottles include a feature partition in an apartment living room.